About Clare

Clare Harries is one of the most respected and experienced stylists working in the industry today. A graduate from Chelsea School of Art, she has brought her unique flair and professionalism to styling celebrities, models, film & TV sets as well as homes for over 25 years. Her success lies in the blend of her exceptional creative talent with a fervent attention to detail.


Clare’s Stylist work spans Advertising, Editorial and Award Ceremonies. On request, she also provides Style Consultancy.

• Since 2014 numerous high profile styling & interior design projects
• London Fashion Week Sept 2013 at Southwark Cathedral, styling both the Amanda Thompson online site as well as her show
• Amanda Thompson Ready to Wear 2013
• Fashion shoot for Amanda Thompson Couture
• Style Consultant for Amanda Thompson
• Style Consultant for a number of high profile private clients, including dressing John Smythson (producer of the Oscar-nominated 27 Hours) and his partner Dominica Walker for the 2011 Oscars.

Clare provides a complete stylist service. Experienced at working with high profile private clients as well as fashion designers she has often be asked to act as style consultant discussing and styling wardrobes, collections, pinpointing trends and developing strategy. The breadth of Clare’s on-going work with Amanda Thompson is testament to her skill in developing excellent and productive working relationships. Amanda is one of many clients who place considerable trust in Clare to consistently produce outstanding results, typically in high-stress, high-profile environments.


Clare works with an extensive range of clients including;

  • Avon, Bradford and Bingley (Kim and Aggi), Barratt Homes, Barclays, BUPA, Citroen, DFS, Graff Diamond Worldwide Campaign, Hewlett Packard, Intel (Worldwide Camapign), Mercedes, Rebok Worldwide Campaign (Lewis Hamilton), Renault, Rover, Sky, Star Alliance (styling Sophie Kokosalaki), T3 Mobile, U.P.S.

Often briefed to style both wardrobe and set, Clare excels at multi-tasking at a fast pace under considerable pressure. Essentially positive, she is often required to think on her feet yet remain unwavering when it comes to ensuring that her work is of an impeccable standard.


Press clients include:

  • Elle, Mail, Marie Claire, Sunday Times, W Magazine, Tatler, Vanity Fair.

Clare is highly skilled at working with people at all levels. Able to empathise, listen and put people at their ease at shoots and events whilst simultaneously getting absolutely the right look is second nature to her. Fashion PRs, designers, celebrities, models, photographers and agencies all deeply trust her judgment and meticulous attention to detail; she has the confidence and talent to act as the arbiter of style and push the boundaries when her instincts inspire her to do so.

“I have worked with Clare Harries consistently for over a decade with every one of my photographers. We love her work, her professionalism and her unremitting creativity. Her skill and talent is such she has increasingly been in demand as a Style Consultant and Art Director; advising clients and brands on trends, looks and providing them with valuable insight and ideas. Clare is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She takes each role in her stride and delivers a fantastic job every time. I cannot state strongly enough how valuable she has been to my business – employ her if you want the very best.”
Sue Allatt Photographic Agent

Award Ceremonies

Celebrities styled and dressed include:

  • Donna Air, Brenda Blethyn, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Caine, John Cleese, Robert Downey Jnr, Ralph Fiennes, Stephen Fry, Lewis Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Jane Horrocks, Barry Humphries, Angelina Jolie, Patsy Kensit, Jude Law, Joanna Lumley, Ewan McGregor, Julia Ormond, Daniel Radcliffe, Gordon Ramsey, Joely Richardson, Jennifer Saunders, Jenni Saville, Kristen Scott Thomas, Kevin Spacey, Juliet Stevenson, Tracey Ullman, Carol Vorderman, David Walliams, Emma Watson, Rachel Whiteread, Bruce Willis.

Fashion PRs and celebrity clients turn to Clare for her creative talent as well as her ability to inspire them with a calm confidence. Tasked to position Emma Watson as headline news ahead of the numerous A List celebrities at one red carpet premiere, Clare sensitively dressed her in an age appropriate yet stunning way that achieved front page coverage.


  • Darren Black, Tif Hunter, Howard Kingsnorth, Terry O’Neill, Nigel Parry, Geoff Smith, Spiros, Donna Trope.

Clare regularly works with top, international photographers, many of whom entrust her with final view at shoots.

‘Clare Harries comports herself with charisma, care, and craftsmanship. She is without doubt the most proficient professional in the styling business today. I have had the greatest pleasure, the greatest shoots and the greatest photographs working alongside Clare for the last twenty years. She is a delight to work with and diligent in all departments. Anyone who is lucky enough to have her on their team is indeed blessed.’
Nigel Parry Photographer

Costume Design

Film & TV

  • Lady Godiva, Director: Vicky Jewson, Production Company: Jewson Films
  • Twelve in a Box, Director: John Mackenzie, Production Company: Masses Films
  • Mr. Right, Director: Jacqui Morris, Production Company: Mugshoots
  • TV: includes Britain’s Brainiest, Find a Fortune, Pride of Britain Awards, Stars in their Eyes, predominantly styling Carol Vorderman.

Responsible for choosing and sourcing costumes and wardrobes for film and TV, Clare is often required to employ, brief and manage teams of assistants, ensuring that her high standards and work ethic are consistently demonstrated.